Why Join Us



                            “Helping YOU to succeed in real estate and in life.” - A motto we believe in and live by.


                    At JS Branch, we pride ourselves to excel in what we do.  Over the years, we have guided

                            many new as well as experienced Associates to become “Multi Million Producers”.


                                           HOW DO YOU BECOME A MULTI-MILLION PRODUCER ?


                 Whether you are already a practising real estate agent looking for greater career opportunities

           OR  you are new and looking to build a rewarding real estate career, we are serious and we are here

                                                                     to help you achieve your goals.


                                                       WE MEET , WE DISCUSS – YOU DECIDE.



“ I had been dealing in HDB sales for 2 years in my previous company and decide to join JS branch with the aim of switching to selling private properties. I’m glad I made the switch as I earned my first 6 figure income in 7 months.”

Krystal Chen , 29


Are you lost and unhappy in your present environment and don’t know what to do?


Do you feel you can achieve more but lack the proper training and guidance?


Do you need assistance and guidance to build a team of performers?


With our track record, we have a proven program that will enable you to soar to new heights in your real estate career.


We have transformed many experienced agents achieve what they thought was not possible.



“ I never thought I could earn a 5-figure monthly income until I joined the real estate industry. My friends who are also in real estate, have been asking me how I managed to do it because they are still struggling to meet ends.”

Karen Tan, 24


Deciding whether real estate is suitable for you can be a daunting task.


And choosing the company and branch to join is even more crucial as it determines how well you will succeed.


Some questions for you to ponder…

Will I get proper training or guidance from my manager or branch ?

How do I start with limited capital?


At JS Branch, we understand the difficulties faced by new agents and we provide a systematic training program which includes on-the-job training to guide new agents each step of the way, so that they will not be lost.



If you have the commitment…

We have the support, knowledge and expertise to help you succeed.




Comission Scheme

multi tier
2 tier

Benefits and Advantages of being a part of a dynamic branch

1. With 19 years of proven track record in training, sales & management to guide you

2. Expertise and guidance on landed, private condo as well as commercial properties

3. Track record of the branch Top Producers – You can be a Top Producer too!

4. Personal guidance on problem solving

5. One-to-one consultation

6. Weekly training for new and experienced agents

7. Knowledge and experience with clients

8. Good working relationship with developers & co-brokers


Other than personal coaching and the many more advantages stated above, you will also gain -

  1. Reimbursement of CEA registration fee: New associates will receive reimbursement of $300 upon achieving $10,000 GCE within 6 months of joining us
  2. Reimbursement of CEA course fee: New salesperson will receive reimbursement of $500 upon achieving $50,000 GCE within 12 months of joining us. You must be Sales Executive joining us directly from RES course/ exam and not from another agency i.e. name is not in the Public Registry
*The reimbursement will be paid only upon receipt of the commission earned.
**New salespersons to qualify for both reimbursement will need to achieve $10,000 GCE plus the $50,000 GCE in total.


Our expertise and willingness to guide and share our knowledge is our secret to your success.

Feel free to call us anytime at your convenience.

Checklist and flowchart of recruitment.